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Loving your little angel is the easy part; understanding this new little person is something else again!!

child astrology

The important thing in dealing with the personality traits of children is that the parents remain calm and in control, never losing sight of the fact that this small child will someday grow up and it is up to you to mold it in a way that will make this person a joy to self, as well as everyone he/she comes into contact with.   A humongous, full time job!

child astrology

If, in the following pages I seem to be commenting more on the negative traits of each little persons sign;  I am, and there is a good reason.

The reason being that I point them out more clearly so that the parent can focus on the right area for training;  focus not fixate! If you let your emotional tutoring become a battle then you have already lost the war and must fall back and regroup.

Those who have neglected the childrens emotional growth and negative side will someday pay the price when disappointment sets in over your adult childs every day actions, or, In a fit of uncontrolled anger your child lashes out to hurt and perhaps even kill another.   It happens everyday to someone somewhere;   don't let it happen to you.

Teach your child while he or she is young enough to allow it and you can shape your children's emotional growth.   Never lose sight of the fact that children thrive on love!

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