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May 22 to June 21st

   Do not expect to live a life of peace and serenity if you are the parent of a Gemini child! For this one to be still and quiet would be a wonder as activity seems to be the keynote with them. They have a tendency to fast talk as this is allowing him/her to keep up with the thoughts that are racing through the brain leading to all kinds of incessant questions that can drive parents to distraction.

However, since their attention span is sometimes short due to them not being able to sit still long enough to follow any answers he/she receives, this in turn would seem to account for the lack of concentration revealed by these children.

Gemini child

gemini's child

Due to lack of concentration they may start and drop many projects. Constantly changing their minds is another manifestation of this trait and they should be encouraged to stick to a decision once made.

Being unable to relax could reflect in the childs health therefore it is extremely important that he/she gets at least eight hours of sleep at night and ample rest times during the day, no matter how loud the complaints get.


The most compatible Mother for Gemini is a Libra or a Gemini.

The most compatible Father for Gemini is a Leo or an Aquarius.

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