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Jan. 21st to Feb. 19th

   You will find that the Aquarian child may not be as openly demonstrative with their love as you would like them to be, sometimes even giving the impression of not caring for anyone and having a totally unaffectionate nature, but this little one loves in his or her own way; open friendship and a sharing of adventure may be the way he or she will demonstrate love and companionship.

Aquarius Child

Although a large measure of popularity is enjoyed you may have cause for concern over the detached way he or she has of treating their peers. These children always seem to be pursuing the truth and if you are ever caught in a lie, even a small one, you will lose the unquestioning respect of this child. Teaching a broader outlook on life and toleration for the fallacies of people in general may prove next to impossible, but it is what is basically indicated for these children.

Boils and other blood impurities are usually what is associated with the health of this sign but in most other ways the health will be generally good.


The most compatible Mother for Aquarius is Aquarius or Pisces.

The most compatible Father for Aquarius is Libra or Gemini.

Not Compatible?
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If you do fall into the non-compatible area and you get along perfectly well with your child, then the readings you have done should show similarities in both of your charts that would compensate for the lack in those that most fit the "generalized" category.

Knowing all of these things about you and about your child will enable you to pinpoint some of these parent/child problems and begin to overcome them in yourself first, then you will naturally be able to guide your child with love and a better understanding throughout life.

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