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Sept. 24th to Oct. 23rd

   He/she enjoys a large measure of popularity due to being loving and attractive. He or she can be particularly charming and will enjoy a large circle of companions and true friends. This child should never be pushed into such things as contact sports as they will be much happier pursuing music or something in the arts.

Libra children are attracted to the opposite gender early and soon will learn to play off one against another to his or her own aggrandizement.

libra child

Libra Child

This slyness can also extend to manipulating the parents in the same way in order to achieve their own ends.

The lesson that this one should be taught early on is that of loyalty and sincerity in his or her relationships with others, and not just those in their peer group. A sound respect for other peoples feelings and rights should be instilled early as this one could easily grow up completely lacking in these virtues.

You will find that, in general, Libra children are pretty healthy specimins but there may be trouble throughout life involving the kidneys so this area of their health should be watched carefully.

Parent Compatibility

The most compatible Mother for Libra is Gemini or Libra.

The most compatible Father for Libra is Aquarius or Leo.

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