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Nov. 23rd to Dec. 21st

   The sagittarian children are gregarious and are seldom alone as they enjoy a great measure of popularity. This popularity is usually keyed to his or her athletic or sporting abilities. these children are great lovers of the outdoors and must be pushed and guided to get even their homework finished.

He or she must be taught early that life is not all fun and games and everything cannot be rearranged just to suit him or her. The parent should try to instill a more serious and giving side to the nature so that he or she will be likely to achieve their goals and dreams once they are adults.

Sagittarius child

sagittarius child

They value their freedom above all else and rules, to them, were only made to be broken. Rebellion and aggressiveness are also a large part of their makeup when faced with opposition from any quarter and so they will need a kind, but definitely firm hand in the early years. Discipline will be hard with this one but flattery, persuasion,and firmness will work wonders when actual force fails to do the trick.

Broken bones may be about the only serious childhood illnesses that will afflict this active little person as they tend to be particularly healthy specimins.


The most compatible Mother for Sagittarius is Sagittarius or Libra.

The most compatible Father for Aries or Leo.

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