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Feb. 20th to Mar. 20th

  Charming is this childs middle name! Because of the affectionate nature of the child of Pisces it is very easy to spoil this one. He or she can make giving in to their wants and desires a veritable joy while they are young but the wise parent must always keep in mind that he or she will grow up someday and the people the adult will be demanding of will not be their parents and easy to manipulate.

Pisces child has a secretive side that adores the making of and the solving of, mysteries. This is a side the parent learns to accept as a small price to pay for so charming a child. The parents must try to harden their hearts in order to discipline them as to be let run wild would be to disadvantage the child for life in his or her adult relationships.

The overall health can be a little fragile but a reluctance to eat should not be viewed in alarm unless carried to excess, as these children have very small appetites but they will eventually outgrow those tendencies. The feet are the areas prone to infections and accidents.


The most compatible Mother for Pisces is Cancer or Taurus.

The most compatible Father for Pisces is Scorpio or Aries.

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Pisces Child

The most compatible Father for leo is Sagittarius or Aries.

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