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August 24th to Sept. 23rd

  This child is very orderly, a place for everything and everything in it's place! While this makes the parents happy at an early age, (getting him/her to pick up and put away toys is not a chore with this little one), As he/she advances in age the critical eye of virgo will be turned on any untidiness discovered in the parents.This child seems to have been born with common sense and financial ability but not a very good sense of how to enjoy life and should be shown by the parents how to be more affectionate and to enjoy the simplier things of life.

The Virgo child is highly inventive and can usually come up with sound, workable ideas at an early age. This is also the type of child that is just as content to play quietly alone; he/she is frequently in a creative mood, sitting for hours getting something as perfect as possible. For this cause, his peers will see very little of him if the parents do not intervene to be sure he/she has a well rounded childhood.

virgo child

virgo child

Virgo is physically active and wiry with a large capacity for working hard long hours which can lead to straining the nerves as well as the eyes. That is the reason the child must be taught to relax and have some fun so the child will be able to guide the adult he/she will become.


The most compatible Mother for Virgo is Virgo or Libra.

The most compatible Father for Virgo is Taurus or Capricorn.

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