Introduction to Astrology


Astrology is....

A complex and complicated system, or science, that I have necessarily presented in a generalized manner on this astrology site.

The Greeks devised the system of using the date and time of birth to forecast the destinies of individuals around 250 years BC.

Natal Astrology tells about the personality traits and characteristics that you will have as well as some of the major experiences that you are destined to experience.

Ptolemy wrote the first modern Astrology textbook and worked from about 150-180 AD establishing the heart and soul of Astrology, which has not changed much in the way it is practiced in the West today.

Astrology gave birth to the sciences of Medicine and Astronomy. For more than 2000 years and up until the 18th century, Astrology and Astronomy were the same science.

You had to be educated in Astrology to become a Doctor and it was a regular course of study for Doctors during that time.

Astrology and Astronomy were practiced as the same up until about 300 years ago when Uranus and Neptune were discovered.  At that time, Astronomy and Astrology parted ways due to rationalism.

Briefly stated, I will try to explain the mechanics of this science of astrology so everyone will be able to grasp it's magnitude and scope while ridding you, the reader, of any misconceptions you may have concerning the casting of astrology charts and interpretations.

First of all a Horoscope is the prediction of daily happenings in your daily life and a Birth Chart is a picture of the wheel of your planets, houses and placements therein and the interpretation of your chart wheel indicates the strengths and weaknesses in your physical and emotional makeup which gives you insight on how to relate to and get along with others in order to make your life a more happier and worthwhile journey and a system to see if a match between you and another will offer you a greater chance at happiness based on the combination of your charts.

A Compatibility report or Synastry interpretation and Chart Wheel combines your chart and a mates to form a brand new entity (personality) called relationship.

The sign, the rising sign and other placements, in most cases, will be different than either your chart or your mate's chart. This shows what strengths you will be able to call upon in the relationship and what weaknesses to overcome.

A Birth Chart and Interpretation or either a Horoscope and compatibility report cannot be accurate for everyone born under a specific Zodiac sign unless the Astrologer has accurate information about the time of birth, date of birth and place of birth.

Place of residence is important in the casting of daily Horoscopes. Sometimes the time is not known and an Astrologer will use 12:01 P.M. which, while not as accurate as it should be, will put you as close to the target as possible.

Without this information everything you read about your sign anywhere will be generalized information.

Below is an example of the intricacies in casting your charts:

Date of birth: April 3, xxxx
This person was born while the sun was in the sign of Aries so this person is an Arietian (or Arian)

Time of Birth: xxxxxx:
Now the moon enters a new Zodiac sign about every 48 hours so the placement must be accounted for. Let us pretend that this is, say, Aquarius. The moon is the ruler of our subconscious and emotions and the sun rules the will. So we now have not just an Arian but an:

The subject now has the will power of Aries with the subconscious and emotions of Aquarius.

Next the Astrologer must use the time of birth to find the rising sign at birth. The process is always in flux as it takes about 2 hours for each sign to cross the horizon.

Let's say that Gemini was ascending at that time. The rising sign determines the image of ourselves that we present to the world, the outer personality. We now have an:


The subject Now has the will power of Aries with the subconscious and emotions of Aquarius and the outer personality of a Gemini.

As you can see it gets more complicated as it goes on using all the nine planets, each one revealing a new facet like a sparkling gemstone to the subject as a whole making up the the inner personality. The positions, signs occupied, and aspects to one another are all important parts to the puzzle of the unique person and his/her future.

Persons whose vital details are identical are rare, but in the event that it does happen and each is endowed with identical gifts then the environment in which the person was raised, taught and nurtured would be the deciding factor on which characteristics, positive or negative, will be utilized by each.

I hope this cleared up some things for those who are seeking knowledge of astrology. Know that it is not an easy thing to learn and takes years of devotion and hard work.

If you are interested in self improvement then you would do well to have your charts done and interpreted by an experienced Astrologer, the charts offered here are low cost and the most in-depth reports you will find anywhere.

I now have a new and trusted source for your charts since I no longer do them and hope you will be using their services.

If you wish to become an Astrologer then decide on a system, there are several, and a plan of study, then be prepared for a lifetime of learning and satisfaction in helping others to improve their lives.

God speed and God Bless.

Ann Futral
Astrologer since 1955
many years of learning....ever the student

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