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Definition of Marriage

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


  Sagittarius, frequently in trouble with finances will be very impressed by Capricorns level headed approach to this matter.  On the other hand, Capricorn may find that the lighthearted, carefree personality of Sagittarius will take his/her mind off a mountain of worries and give him/her a chance to loosen up and enjoy life more.  After a little time has passed they both find that the very things they admired in one another is the thing that will cause the most trouble between them.  Sagittarius' penchant for spending money frivolously will give Capricorn many headaches.

  In response to the nagging that will follow these types of spending, Sagittarius may decide that she/he has married a boorish, stick in the mud who doesn't care for him/her.  The Sagittarians general outlook on life as a playground will clash mightily with Capricorns staid, serious, and reserved way of thinking.  Capricorns black depressions gets no sympathy from Sagittarius, who caused most of them, for he/she sees nothing to be depressed about.

   Sagittarius may get him/herself up in an enticing manner, expecting some appreciation and sexual entertainment the minute Capricorn walks in, but Capricorn is as apt to just sit down and start in on the work he/she brought home from the office, which will only serve to infuriate Sagittarius.  Their sex life is very apt to be frustrating for both parties, although Sagittarius will feel this more keenly than Capricorn. Not a match made in Heaven.


   This would not make a good business partnership as Sagittarius is not apt to settle down and take earning money seriously while Capricorn would be left with all the work.  This is not likely to be a situation for the long term and a business would soon bite the dust.   No, this is not a good business partnership.

I cannot suggest strongly enough that this is a general reading for the signs.  To get a true picture of your own relationship you should get a compatibility chart done. Order your charts today!

capricorns love match with sagittarius

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