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   Before you check out the compatibility of your Zodiac Sign with
that of your mate, your lover, or your latest
heartthrob,  lovers quiz  try taking this
little quiz that I call:

How Compatible Are You?

Harping about a Loss through death... YES NO
Always talking about the one that got away?YES NO
Old loves; old resentments?YES NO
Bad treatment from another love?YES NO
Always trying to 'change' his/her ways?YES NO
I want, I want, hi ho-hi ho I want? Is it all about your needs?YES NO
You're honest so you say what you think, no matter what?YES NO
0 for every no answer
1 for every yes answer

    A score of 4 or less means you have a pretty good chance of making your relationship work, no matter what the stars may pronounce, as long as the other person cooperates in acting the same way.   If the stars are against your match you may have an...interesting union but, it can still work.

    Higher scores will find a rocky road ahead filled with pitfalls of their own making.   In most cases these people never have a clue as to why they cannot keep a mate.  The excess baggage brought with them needs to be dropped before entering the relationship, also consideration and tact should be cultivated for them to have any chance at happiness.

    In most cases a good synastry chart can point out the weaker areas of a relationship and give you many ideas on how to 'cure' it.   Compatibility charts are not just for lovers!   It would be of tremendous help in choosing friends and even business partners as one persons weakness should be balanced with the other persons strengths,  (one may like being quiet and doing the books while the other is out front and center drumming up the business).

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