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Saturn takes 29.5 Earth years to
complete the cycle of the zodiac.

caprcorn  This glyph is the symbol of the planet Saturn, it resembles a reverse of the glyph for the planet Jupiter; Saturn and Jupiter symbolize opposing energies in more ways than just the glyph. Saturn would seem to exert an opposing force to Limit the expansion of Jupiter. This will keep the Jupiter nature's energies from running rampantly out of control.

  Saturn is the planet that in earthly life serves to signify restrictions and obstacles you must face if your personal goals are incorrect for you or you have a karmic debt that needs paying. Saturns placement in your chart can indicate areas in your life that you will need to be particularly diligent about trying to change or work with. Thus Saturn has been called both, the planet of fate and the Lord of Karma.

  Saturn symbolizes the course of time and patience, tradition, and experience. At the best of times it helps to consolidate, and at its worst it restricts the persons efforts. Saturn is associated with the sign of Capricorn.

Saturn Rules the Sign of Capricorn

  • On the downside: Cold, Miserly, Indifferent, Rigid.
  • Your good qualities include: Practical, Self-disciplined, Responsible, Reliable.
  • Controlling your abilities, ambitions, destiny, and priorities will be your lifes work.

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Your symbol is the SEA GOAT.
(credit: for
this star goat goes to
Bill Arnett from Nine Planets)

Understanding yourself (and others)

When reading the personality description of your traits below, please keep in mind that the ones discussed here
are mainly indicative of the influence of your element, and the influence of your ruling planet.
The positions of the other celestial bodies at the very moment of your birth
could change, or temper them to a vast extent.

CARDINAL--Tenth Sign of the Zodiac--EARTH SIGN
December 22 to January 20

  The outgoing, positive polarity of Capricorn is applied on a practical basis to his or her everyday life. The negativity of this sign gives the children of Capricorn the ability to withdraw from a situation and wait for the right opportunity to further their ambitions. One type of this sign is like the sure footed mountain goat, that is forever climbing and attaining greater heights. The other type is the domesticated goat that is kept on a lead and is forever striving to do something but can never quite make it. Positive Capricorns are reliable and along with other good attributes, they have a dry but good sense of humor.

  Their positive traits are being practical, ambitious, prudent efficient, persistent and patient. They are ruled by the concentrated energy of Saturn. They can be very cold and distant, pessimistic, almost intolerably conventional. Time is always of the utmost importance to them due to Saturns influence. They are slow to develop, requiring more time than others but at middle age they seem to reach a point where it seems they will never age; not changing for decades. The worst problem that Capricorn seems to have is psychological in nature.


Their wavering self confidence can greatly disturb them as one minute they could rule a nation and the next, self doubt sets in and they feel inadequate for the most minor jobs; they are comfortable in some spheres of activity and not so in others. They may feel sure they can manage and cope with their job but have not the confidence to think they can establish and maintain a personal relationship. This is a direct cause of not being able to see themselves as clearly as others see them so they underestimate their own abilities. They should accept compliments from others and learn to believe them.

  Problems may cause some digestive difficulties which can lead to ulcers or skin disorders. Setting a stress alleviating regimen will go far to preventing these disorders and make you more efficient in your endeavors, thus building your own self image up to where it should be. You can be too easily depressed, even by minor setbacks and annoyances. You should get more exercise to reduce the tension as well as making music a part of your life, either playing or listening. Use your inherent rational qualities and make room in your life for the spiritual as well as the material.

Relentless Capricorn

Who climbs and schemes for wealth and place,
And mourns his brothers fall from grace-
But takes what's due in any case?
Safe Capricorn!!

Your color is a rich, DARK BROWN

your metal the beautiful SILVER from our earth.

Some Famous People Born in Capricorn

Ex-President:  Richard Nixon
Stripper:   Gypsy Rose Lee
financier:  Howard Hughes
Actress:  Ava Gardener
Ruler:  Joseph Stalin
Actor:  Mel Gibson

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