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Mercury takes 88 days to complete the cycle of the zodiac.

glyph  This glyph depicts the winged-helmeted messenger of the Gods.   In Roman mythology Mercury is the god of commerce, travel and thievery, the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Hermes, the messenger of the Gods.   The planet probably received this name because it moves so quickly across the sky.   It was given two names by the Greeks: Apollo for its apparition as a morning star and Hermes as an evening star.  Greek astronomers knew, however, that the two names referred to the same body.

  Mercury acts to process large volumes of information within our essential being---as represented by the sun.   It allows a person to think, discriminate, express oneself and to move about.   This has been called an animator of movement and is associated with our nervous system: the communication and transportation system within our bodies.

Mercury tends to make a person verbose, critical, and high strung; the person born under the sign ruled by this planet may even give Leo a run for his money in the egotistical department.

Mercury Rules the Sign of Virgo
  • On the downside:  You can be critical, petty, self-centered and picky.
  • Your good qualities include:   Industrious, methodical, humane, loving.
  • Learning to accept others for the way they are and not the way you think they should be could be your lifes work.

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Your symbol is the Virgin.
she is the embodiment of purity.

Understanding yourself (and others)

  When reading the personality description of your traits below, please keep in mind that the ones discussed here
are mainly indicative of the influence of your element, and the influence of your ruling planet.
The positions of the other celestial bodies at the very moment of your birth could
change, or temper them to a vast extent.

MUTABLE--Sixth Sign of the Zodiac--EARTH SIGN
August 23 to September 23

  By Mercury being placed in Virgo you have an unusual ability to reason that is lacking in other signs.   Not that you are more intelligent but rather that you lean towards the logical in all you think, and sometimes this may not be the best thing as there has to be some of the odd, unusual things in life that you will have to learn to accept that does not seem to have any order, logic, or reason.   You do find it easier to think than to do anything else, better than most other people for that matter.   You must guard against living in your head and not in the world.

  You have a computer like memory that allows you to be able to assimilate a large amount of information and then present it to the masses in a more understandable manner.   You are very good at expressing this type of thing but when it comes to something close to your heart, such as love or compassion, you find it hard to let the other person know and can thus appear to be aloof and cold.  You have a tendency to get out of sorts and become 'picky' with those around you which makes for some unforgiven hard feelings in the future.

  You can be argumentative, critical, nervous and tense and if you do not make a special effort to overcome these you will lose many friends and loved ones throughout your lifetime without a clue as to why.   Virgoans are the critics of the Zodiac which I feel is an offshoot of their lack of self-confidence.   A big job ahead for all Virgoans is to build up self-confidence and their acceptance of the fact that everyone cannot be the same as he or she is; learn to live and let live.

  As Virgo is the sign of the harvest you spend most of your time separating the wheat from the chaff and most of your life trying to take away the useless from the useful, thus working your way to a state of subconscious purity, (the principle of the Vestal Virgin).   Are you the purist or the puritan?   The purist trusts his or her inherent goodness to keep them separate from any unwholesome involvement with potentially corrupting elements in our society.   The puritan is the picky, squeaky clean type who will never be pure in self and who searchs for it but cannot find it in others: therefore, the criticisms.

Critical Virgo

Who criticizes all she sees;
Yes, e'en would analyze a sneeze?
Who hugs and loves her own disease?
Humpf, Virgo!

Your color is GREEN and most of the earths more basic colors
Your metal is MERCURY from our earth.

Some Famous People Born in Virgo

Actor:  Johnathon Taylor Thomas
Composer:  Leonard bernstein
Producer:  Darryl F. Zanuck
Producer:  Samuel Goldwyn
Comedienne:  Lily Tomlin
Singer:  Roy Acuff

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