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Definition of Marriage

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


   Both male and female of this sign share the same traits and personality flaws and this means that life together will be either a life filled with chaos or total boredom.   The female tends to take a sensible approach to the finances and her business sense earns his great respect.     She is a splendid housekeeper and also makes a good hostess, something the Taurus demands in his mate as they both share a love of cooking and fine dining.

   Her feelings of security is heightened by the males ability to hold a job and provide for the household.   They each have an in-born need to express their feelings and will constantly strive to convey their emotions and love to one another.   They enjoy doing things together and share many of the same interests.   The major problems with this match could be jealousy.

   The possessiveness and jealousy that each feels will cause each to put the other through an unpleasant time, on a regular basis, of close questioning on his/her whereabouts and activity.   Taureans are well known for their stubbornness and they must both learn how to gracefully back off and end the confrontations that such a trait will normally bring.

   The physical aspects of their marriage will be very satisfying; they could spend half their life in the kitchen, cooking, and the other half frolicking in the bedroom.   Their sex life is important but relatively straightforward.   In this relationship you will find two people who are overweight, happy, and jolly, whose very lives will revolve around each other.   With all the similarities in personality traits, both good and bad, you can have a match made in Heaven, or a total washout.


   The Taurus and Taurus business partnership is not likely to be a workable proposition.  They are too much alike and the thing that would make either a formidable foe will cause irreparable damage to a business when they are in disagreement...Stubbornness.
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