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1. Acronycal (a-kron'ikal).
Of a planet rising before sunset, or the setting before sunrise, of a planet that is in opposition to the sun, hence in a favorable position for observation.   Place:  the degree it will occupy when it is in opposition to the sun.

2. Active Influence.
The results of an aspect between two or more astrological factors or sensitive points producing an action that can materialize as an event.

3. Adjusted Calculation Date.
Used in reference to a progressed horoscope, as indicating the date on which the planet culminates.   Also known as the Limiting Date.

4. Advantage, Line of
Sometimes used in reference to the Moon's Ascending Node in a Geocentric Figure.

5. Affinity.
A binding by mutual attraction.   The sun is said to have an affinity with all the planets.

6. Afflicted.
Unfavorably aspected.  In affliction with.  Any inharmonous aspect to a planet or to an aspect, particularly the conjunction, parallel, square or opposition, to a malefic planet.

7. Ages, Astrological.
Roughly, a period of 2000 years during which the point of the Spring Equinox recedes through one sign of the Zodiac of Constellations.

8. Air Signs.
The intellectual or mental signs:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Collectively called the Air asterism

9. Altitude.
A planets elevation above the horizon, measured by the arc of a vertical circle.  It is at it's meridian altitude when it is at the cusp of the tenth house at the midheaven.

10. Angle.
Any one of four cardinal points in a figure, or map, of the heavens: variously referring to the Zenith, or South Vertical, the Nadir, or North Vertical, and the east and west horizons.

11. Antipathy.
Disharmony of planet bodies which rule and are exalted in opposite signs.

12. Appulse
The near approach of one orbital body to another-a conjunction.


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