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Uranus takes 84 Earth years to
complete the cycle of the zodiac.

glyph  This glyph is the symbol of the planet Uranus, it is sometimes likened to the head of a baby as it exits the birth canal. This analogy indicates a rebirth of consciousness through experiences you may have when breaking free of the influence of Saturn (see Saturns glyph). The energies of Uranus can induce a sense of a special purpose or individual, oftentimes very unique. The energies of Uranus allows further truth and awareness to unfold to the seeker.

  The electric, somewhat bohemian and often surreal energies of this planet can cause a fast switch from one extreme to the other which can result in shock and unease along with insecurity. The stronger, evolved and intuitive mind this planet imparts to its children can cause them to delve in the occult, the supernatural, and even in astrology :).

  If you have a strong Uranus in your life you have no doubt been aware of the constant stress that this planet places on your nervous system. It often works to lead you into new experiences while giving you alternatives at the same time. Uranus' influence is often the cause of the discovery and development of new technologies. Many an engineer or scientist is a child of Uranus.

  The most sexually active, and inactive, people appear to be influenced by the energy of Uranus. The effects of this energy can vary significantly in individual charts.

Uranus Rules the Sign of Aquarius

  • On the downside:   Resisting Change, Rebellious, Erratic, Perverse, Eccentric.
  • Your good qualities include:   Loath Restriction, Resourceful, Intuitive, Inventive, Humanitarian,
  • Recognizing that change is not all bad and accept the freedom and individual purpose that it brings could be your ongoing lifes work.

Zeus, 1st waterbearer


Your symbol is the

Understanding yourself (and others)

When reading the personality description of your traits below, please keep in mind that the ones discussed here
are mainly indicative of the influence of your element, and the influence of your ruling planet.
The positions of the other celestial bodies at the very moment of your birth
could change, or temper them to a vast extent.

FIXED--Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac--AIR SIGN
January 21 to Feburary 19

  Your need for independence should not be neglected as it is essential that you develop and sustain the right lifestyle. In many ways you are the quiet, retiring person who prefers his or her privacy even though you have a reputation for being friendly, this is linked mainly to the fact that you always want to be helpful so anyone that needs it will be able to look to you. You will approach other peoples problems as you do your own, without emotion, logically and detached. As long as your views and privacy are respected you make a wonderful friend.

  Your positive traits are originality, idealism, plus you are independent and honest. The more often you allow yourself to express the positive side of your nature that is how often you will feel fulfilled and you will see your life as a wonderful adventure. You have the power to help people to overcome their problems and you are seen as a bright spot in many lives. When young you are usually leaders of your generation but you should try not to cling to youthful opinions and lose that forward looking nature to ultra-conservatism. Awareness of the problem will go far to combat it.


You rarely lose hope due to your positive and optimistic outlook on life even when life gets difficult. Aquarius is an air sign and you must realize that aquarians need air, both physically and metaphorical. You must also realize just how stubborn you can be and should try to counter the tendency. You must not let your originality become too perverse as then others will be embarrassed or seriously annoyed. The Aquarian independence can also make themselves very remote from others thereby causing the Aquarian some emotional problems.

  They often find it hard to let anyone into their lives; close emotional relationships for Aquarians are much more difficult than for any other sign. They find it hard to settle into and sustain one due to their powerful need for independence. Closeness for them means modifying their lifestyle and tolerating an invasion of their privacy, both material and psychological but when and if they do allow this to happen,(they do have a strong romantic streak), they will be very committed and true. Aquarian originality and the need to be different shows up early in childhood.

Deliberate Aquarius

Who gives to all a helping hand,
But bows her head to no command-
And higher laws doth understand?
Inventor, Genus, Superman-Aquarius!

Your color is TURQUOISE

Your metal is the bright ALUMINUM

Some Famous People Born in Aquarius

Ex-President:   Ronald Reagan
Designer:  Christian Dior
Preacher:  Oral Roberts
Actor:  Rutger Hauer
Actor:  Tom Selleck
Actor:  Paul Newman

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