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It takes the Moon 27 days
to complete the cycle of the zodiac.

Moon glyph  This is the glyph of the moon; the moon was called Luna by the Romans, Selene and Artemis by the Greeks, and many other names in other mythologies.   The moon represents the basic nature of your instincts and feelings.   It has a nurturing influence that gives a deep impression and unique sensitivity within your mind.   Intuitive people often have a strong moon placement.

The moon has a direct influence on the mind which can be seen and felt in varying ways during each unique phase of the moon.   This is particularly hard for those who are slightly unstable as the pull that the moon exerts on the tides are also felt in the brain fluids, making the effects of mental illness more enhanced.   This is how the asylums came to call their inmates 'lunatics' as they were worse, or more dangerous, during the full moon.
The moon also brings out the negative side of the cancerian nature which he or she must continually battle in order to overcome what could easily become a major flaw in character causing themselves and others much grief and pain.

The Moon Rules the Sign of Cancer

  • On the downside:  Clannish and moody, attached to the past, a worrier and a clinger, jealousy.
  • Your good qualities include: Patient, sensitive, romantic, sociable, and maternal.
  •   To identify your own personal feelings and put selfishness aside will be your lifes work.



Your symbol is the Crab,
it is the scavenger of the seas.

Understanding yourself (and others)

  When reading the personality description of your traits below, please keep in mind that the ones discussed here
are mainly indicative of the influence of your element, and the influence of your ruling planet.
The positions of the other celestial bodies at the very moment of your birth
could change, or temper them to a vast extent.

CARDINAL--Fourth sign of the Zodiac--WATER SIGN

June 22 to July 22

  The essence of the Cancerian personality can be boiled down to one word, sensitivity, when examined is a maze of winding roads that can lead anywhere and everywhere.   These winding roads actually start at birth with the inborn instinct for survival and his or her utter dependence on the world, and the fear born of this dependency.   While you have the innate desire to succeed gloriously in the world, you also have a resentment that grows with each instance of facing the harsh realities in living.   Cancer will do well to learn to seek to protect rather than to seek protection as this will help you change your negative leanings into a positive attitude that will guide you through adversity.

  Cancer will find their greatest security within the structure of a family setting due to the maternal side and the need to protect those in his or her charge.   There is a homey feel about Cancer that draws the other signs; You have the ability to attune to the moods of others quickly or to change their moods to suit yours; you should not underestimate your effect on people and you should learn to use this ability wisely and not just for personal gain.

  When Cancer does not attempt to control the personality

then everyone around is in trouble as the negative Cancer is not a pleasant person to know.   Negative Cancer becomes sulky when the desires are not met; the tendency is that the world owes them something and they will collect from everyone around, if this Cancer is denied, then that person will be dropped from his or her life, even if it is close family members. Negative Cancer finds it hard to hold a job and will quit at even imaginary slights.   The negative Cancer will not take orders and is the most likely to wind up in the guardhouse if in the services.

  You have a very sentimental nature, an incurable romantic, and you love nice things around you.   You have a good memory, of both slights and favors done for you, you must learn to forgive and forget in order to ward off the dark depressions you find yourself falling into.   In any case, you are the most emotional of all the signs and must learn to deal with them, but when you do, look out world--here comes positive Cancer to conquer and reap all they survey!

Hard-shelled sympathetic Cancer

Who changes like a changeful season?
Holds fast then lets go without a reason?
Who is there to give adhesion?
To Cancer?

Your colors are SILVERY BLUE and all the silvery colors of the moon.

Your metal is the shimmeringSILVER from our earth.

Some Famous People Born in Cancer

TV Star Personality:  Captain Kangaroo
Ruler:  Dalai Lama,XIV incar. 1935
Gangster:  Legs Diamond 1897
Justice:  Clarence Thomas
Att. Gen.:  Janet Reno
Actor:  Tom Hanks

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