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Taurus birthsign

The Bull : April 21 to May 21

Zodiac Sign:   The Bull
(The emblem of Strength)

Ruling Planet:  Venus
Color: Green or Pink

Thyme and Coltsfoot
Emerald and Moss Agate
Health Concerns:
Throat and Weight
Positive Traits:
Practical and Reliable
Love of Luxury
Negative Traits:
Jealous and Possessive
Self Indulgent
"I own"

     Taurus personalities are typically upfront and assertive, qualities that make it possible to do great things in short periods and still have the time and energy to thoroughly enjoy the recreational hours.

Most other people are positively influenced by the Bull character, which can be an encouragement to be tenacious about the things that matter most in life.

The Taurus man or woman can often be identified by clearly defined facial features and a forceful personality.

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