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Definition of Marriage

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


Leo might have first been attracted to Virgo due to an unfilled need for constant flattery that caused him/her a rare moment of feeling inferior, as Virgos virtues are not normally attractive to Leo.   Virgo may have viewed Leos crestfallen expressions as that of someone in trouble, and since Virgo is the helpful sign, helping would have been right up his/her alley; not expecting to see a different person once he/she had regained his/her self confidence.

    Virgo will spend miserly while Leo is much more generous, their differences about finances include a wide array of things including, planning a budget, and putting money away for the future.

 Leo lives for the moment while Virgo exists in the mental world of the future; a cause of much tension between them.  Critical Virgos cutting remarks can wound Leo deeply if Virgo is displeased over any extravagance on Leos part.

 Unlike Leos reactions, Virgo feels that recreational pursuits is a waste of time and would spend that time in going over future plans.

Leo would rather be doing something fun such as hosting a party or going out with friends.

 This attitude on both parts will go far in breaking up the relationship. The approach to the earning power of each could also be a source of irritation for Virgo.

  Virgo can work long hard hours and barely make a living while one of Leos wild schemes might pay off big.  Tolerance is the main ingredient that must be introduced to this union if it is to work at all.

    The fiery sexuality of Leo is not met and matched with Virgo since Virgo is easily satisfied he/she has no need for games or fantasies.  This is a shaky match that is ill advised to go into; definitely not a match made in Heaven.


    Virgo and Leo will find it rough going should they decide on a business partnership, since neither one will show the respect for the others actions and ideas they will not be 'in business' very long.  They are also not likely to become friends.  The conservative Virgo would cramp Leos 'style', while Leo would make Virgo have nightmares over the business.  No, this is not a recommended match.

love and marriage

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