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Definition of Marriage

love and marriage

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


    Virgos qualities of being ruled by intellect and logic goes far in making him/her a formidable force to deal with.  While Cancers emotions are such as to prevent him/her from being the gregarous type and can be frustrating to Virgo at times, the nurturing, domestic qualities help to make up for it as these qualities go far in making Virgo feel loved and secure.  Cancers family ties are strong, and relatives will be in and out more often than Virgo prefers; this state of affairs can serve to irritate him/her.

    Cancer is shrewd in caring for their finances, although he/she may not be emotionally able to handle the criticism that will surely be coming his/her way should there be a mistake.  Living with critical Virgo will not be an easy task for the emotionally high strung Cancer who will take all the criticisms to heart and sulk for days.

    One of the dangers in this relationship will be too much caring!  Each one of these signs love to look after, and fuss around the person they love, which will go far in making life intolerable for both of them.   Together these signs do a lot of talking about things that need doing; each one needs to be paired with a positive personality for anything but talk to get accomplished.

    Neither one of these two are greatly moved by the urge for sexual intimacy, and because of this, sex may not play a big role in their relationship.  Petty quarrels and criticisms will spoil what little harmony they can create together.  This is not a match made in Heaven.


    This is a good match for a business partnership as long as Cancer can be pinned down to a certain position where he or she will reign supreme.  Virgo will do the planning and the mechanics to make the business keep moving forward, and Cancer can come up with some very good designs and a sensitive approach to the customers.
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