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Definition of Marriage

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


   At first the Pisces may seem very adaptable, casual, and completely at ease in doing all the bidding of Taurus.  This will probably be the thing that will hook Taurus and bring them together in the beginning.  But Taurus is in for an awakening when he/she discovers that Pisces wants one thing one minute and something else the next.  While Taurus is trying to suggest approaching certain problems in a practical way Pisces will come out with outlandish methods which often work out better than Taurus' suggestions and better than even Taurus would have believed.

   Taurus likes to have the people he/she knows to look up to him/her, but Pisces suffers no such ideas as Pisces is quite indifferent to anyones opinion, other than his/her own, but at times, Taurus will find Pisces is actually dependent on him/her.  The Piscean is apt to stick his/her head in the sand should problems arise; refusing to discuss them sensibly, hoping that they simply go away, which they rarely do.  When there are too many problems for Pisces to countenance Pisces' well known trait for heading for the nearest bar and pleasant companions, to drown his/her problems (sorrows), will show itself.

    The pisces, more the male than the female, is notorious for drowning his/her sorrows in this way since being always torn in two directions at once he/she finds it hard to make decisions.  (This is a good candidate for the charts).  Taurus must accept these shortcomings if they are to have a life together.  On the other hand, the Psychic ability of Pisces will keep him/her on top of the Taurus' feelings and enable him or her to act and react with Taurus to keep him/her happy.

   Sexually, Pisces is very sensitive to all the nuances of Taurus' desires and will try hard to keep him/her happy, but if failure brings on the Taurean criticism, Pisces will soon be looking for a new mate.   This could be a good working match provided Taurus is not looking for, or expecting, a lot of strength in his/her mate.  Love can make it work.


   The mutable quality of Pisces and the fixed quality of Taurus could work to their advantage in a business partnership.  Taurus, the earth sign in the practical group of mechanics will be able to hold the working areas of the business together and Pisces, the water sign in the emotional design grouping will, with the psychic ability, be able to keep a fairly accurate finger to the pulse of the market.   Also pisces can come up with some great designs that will sell the product, idea, etc..  So, yes, this would be a good business partnership.
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