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Definition of Marriage

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


   At first blush the Aries and Taurus pair seems to be an excellent match but not for the long haul as the calm, logical Taurus would soon drive the active, fun seeking Aries right out of his/her mind!   Aries must be caught up in the moment, with the involvement in new ideas being his/her life blood; not so with Taurus.

  Taurus is a logical, conservative person who does not like to rush into anything.   The bull can also be jealous, and possessive if the arian seems to be more interested in other things and does not give the Taurean the time and attention necessary to keep this domestically inclined person happy.

  Taurus places sex above everything and is very demanding.   The new ideas and actions of the Arian will keep Taurus in a state of jealous confusion.   Aries, on the other hand must be active in the public life, perhaps juggling a home and career (successfully) to keep the energies stirred up to a certain pitch, otherwise sex becomes passe' and they, in their boredom, will seek out other partners in a thrill seeking attempt to keep adventure alive in their lives.

  Taurus has many good points and can bring much to a marriage but not with Aries, who can be fickle if the Taurean nature causes him or her to feel hemmed in, 'stifled', which will drive them away as fast as they were attracted.   Unless the charts show some signs that will soften the Taurean nature and calm the Arian one then this would make for a shaky union at best. A clash of wills and personalities could lead to more than arguments, in this case physical violence could result. Due to this and all the other personality factors this is not a wise or a recommended match.


  A partnership on a strictly business basis has an excellent chance of being a good match since these two get along very well on a friendship basis.   The Arian, being a fire sign is the ideas and go getter half and the Taurean, an earth sign, is very practical and will excel at keeping the production flowing and/or the books in tip top shape.   In this Partnership we have the salesman and the bookkeeper combination.  And, if the planets are well aspected, it can be a winning combo.

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