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And so God invited them for another meeting.  Once more they all gathered before him to listen to his words:

"My dearest ones, I have observed you trying to follow the advice that I gave each one of you.  Some of you did quite well, while for others it wasn't easy.  So I have decided that you should team up and work together for the well being of my earthly children, mankind." Thus spoke God...

The children set off and founded an international charitable corporation to conduct research into the state of "Peace and Harmony on Earth."

Aries and Gemini worked together on the questionnaire while Cancer and Pisces looked after the various needs of the other ten.

Libra took over the judical department and designed the ambiance of the entire operation while Capricorn and Virgo organized the structure of the organization most efficiently down to the finest detail.

Leo represented the organization in public adding the extra dash of flair needed to put any business over while Pisces polished and gave it a creative image.  Pisces was also in charge of the advertising budget.

Taurus, being closer in nature to the earth, acted as advisor to the rest on earthly matters and in keeping with the Taurean nature of loving culinary delights, kept the group well provided for. Taurus gave Peace and serenity, inspiring the others with his sense of calmness and inner peace.

Sagittarius was asked to investigate foreign cultures so that a picture of conditions in distant lands could be built up.

Aquarius decided to set up a world wide communications network using the possibilities offered by computer technology.

Scorpio watched everything suspiciously, taking care to ensure that the transformation of the entire enterprise occurred with honor.

God was very pleased with the children he sent and decreed that henceforth all children born on earth would embody the qualities of each of his Heavenly 'children' to give everyone the chance to grow and be able to conquer their animal nature; spreading peace and harmony in the earth first and in heaven when he called them home.

And so...

God began to feel sorry for his children he had sent to earth: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces and decided that their lives were too lonely because some were falling into depressions as they toiled the lonely road of life.

So, God in his wisdom decided to make each one of them a mate, but to simply give them out like playing cards may have caused some to undervalue the gift. Thinking thus, God made the matches and hid them among the stars and the planets so that the ones who were truly ready for love and matrimony would be able to spice up their lives, not only with the new companion, but also with the thrill of the hunt and the chase.

For each one in the world there is a true souls companion, and each one of Gods children had to learn how the different ones that were created acted, just to see if they were compatible. When this special person was found he/she was brought to earth to enrich the life of the one chosen; and so they lived happily ever after.

The End (of the beginning)

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