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Pluto takes 248 years
to complete the cycle of the zodiac.

Pluto Rules the Sign of Scorpio

pluto  This is the most common glyph for Pluto. It is associated with spiritual changes, self development, and political power. A person under the strong influence of this planet will experience many different upsets in their life, such as rebirths (transformations and regenerations of both the spirit and the mind). It exerts tremendous force in bringing about changes and plays a key role in identifying spiritual lessons during a lifetime.

  Plutos energies are very intense and when unleashed they can actually change an entire life, for good or evil, so much so that the person seems caught up in a whirlwind until the phase passes and leaves a complete set of new ideas, ideals, or morals instilled in the very core of their being. It also has a purifying energy that allows one to rise to higher levels of awareness. Before this rise can come about one must consciously seek to eliminate anything that would hinder them. Sometimes Plutos energies are perceived as destructive but they are, rather, a reflection of energy being returned to itself; this effect has often been associated with the subversive elements of society and with the underground.

  Due to the slow orbital journey it is seen as a generational influence, as with most of the outer planets, its natal house position has a much greater meaning. Its influence is neither mild or subtle, it destroys the old and builds the new. Bold in its actions.
  • On the downside:  Power abuser, distructive, the darker side of magic, selfserving, fanatic,.
  • Your good qualities include:   Keeping a spiritual outlook, ability to dicern the truth.
  • Aiding the transformations that will allow your maximum soul growth will be your lifes work.



Your symbol is the
nocturnal scorpion rose
up to heaven and attacked Orion.

Understanding yourself (and others)

When reading the personality description of your traits below, please keep in mind that the signs discussed here
are mainly indicative of the influence of your element, ruling sign and planet.
The positions of the other celestial bodies at the very moment of your birth
could change, or temper them to a great extent.

This Reading is generic, to start living up to your potiential
have your personal chart done

FIXED--Eighth sign of the Zodiac--WATER SIGN
October 24 to November 22

 Scorpios inspired can exceed all limits in almost all endeavors. Yet Scorpios are often filled with envy, an attack of the green eyed monster, so jealousy may be one of your worst traits. This emotion will not only touch on your personal relationships but it extends outward to take in the whole scope of your acquaintances from colleagues to other peoples possessions or accomplishments. You can use this emotion and let it act as an incentive to spur you on to your own great achievements amd success.

  The part of the body ruled by Pluto in Scorpio is the privates and this is possibly where the sign gets its reputation for being more passionate than the other signs but this is not the case although they need just as much fulfilment as everyone else and they may suffer more if they don't achieve it. Not every Scorpio is so inclined using their energy to channel these drives in a number of diverse ways; the males through sports or a highly competitive outlook in business, and the female may throw most of her energies into becoming the perfect housewife, fashion model, CEO, etc.

  A Scorpio should become emotionally involved in his or her work. The emotional security is needed after becoming financially secure and will throw all they have into seeing their efforts pay off in a successful endeavor, and are willing to work hard to achieve this and raise their standard of living. Their energy may sometime seem to be devoted only to making money. Others will find they have to strive a little harder to find ways of directing this energy and reaching their potential heights.

  Moderation is not an easy task for these folks but they should keep on a healthy diet with a small amount of exercise each day, not becoming a fanatic on the subject of health at all costs. An avid interest in any kind of sport or exercise regimen could result in strain unless moderation is practiced and a tight self discipline employed. Scorpios relationships are stormy but intensely interesting as long as the spouse is an emotional type also.

Ultimate Scorpio

Who keeps an arrow in his bow,
And if you prod, he lets it go?
A fervent friend, a subtle foe-

Your color is MAROON

Your metal the unyielding IRON from our earth.

Some Famous People Born in Scorpio

Weight Lifter:  Charles Atlas
Newscaster:  Walter Cronkite
Senator:   Robert Kennedy
Actress:  Jodie Foster
Actress:  Goldie Hawn
Actor:  Danny DeVito

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