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Definition of Marriage

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


   The highly emotional Scorpio will want to reserve Aquarius as his/her exclusive property and when this doesn't set well with Aquarius the anger and the jealous scenes will start.  Since Aquarius has a strong dislike of such things and will not fight with him/her, Aquarius is apt to think Scorpio is slightly mad in his/her mentality and begin to wonder just why they even began their relationship in the first place.

   Scorpio could be slightly mollified when he/she realizes that Aquarius regards Scorpio as a friend and not just a mate.  If they are to stay together at all it will have to be on this basis.  Unless a working friendship filled with consideration for the other can be established from the first then Scorpio is likely to go out looking for someone else.

   The sex drive of Scorpio is so much stronger than that of Aquarius and the demands are many.  If these demands are not met, as well they won't be, there will be many times scorpio will feel unloved and neglected.  Aquarius, on the other hand, is so busy thinking about other people and their problems that he/she may completely miss the trouble brewing at home.  This is a relationship best kept away from; not a match made in Heaven.


  In the impersonal atmosphere of a business partnership this could probably work out for these two signs, each will want to get ahead and Scorpio makes a good money manager.  Both will offer much to the business, and a possible success would be theirs.   It will take the higher type of Scorpio to achieve this so no loss of respect occurs by haveing Aquarius witness too many outbursts of temper and impatience.  Yes, this is a recommended business partnership.
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