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Definition of Marriage

love and marriage
Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


    Fire and water do not normally mix and that is why the Aries with Pisces love match could be a complex relationship.   Pisces will need the Arians strength and ability to comfort when Pisces is tired or disillusioned and just when Aries gets used to being depended on, Pisces will pull an about face and suddenly become independent and free spirited (but only for short periods!).   His/Her intuition is uncanny and helps Pisces stay in tune with what the Arians ideas and emotions are.

    At times Pisces will withdraw into his/her own secret and mystical world while in the process of working out some problem, which will cut the Arian out of the picture temporarily.   Arians must understand that this is the way the Piscean is and a main part of the first attraction.   Since Aries is not out to change the world, when understanding of this trait is made plain to him/her, Aries is quiet happy to give the Piscean room to meditate in peace.

    The Piscean will usually let most of the decisions be made by Aries unless his/her plans are interfered with, then he/she will simply ignore that decision.   While Aries will spend a lifetime protecting, shielding, and arguing on Pisces behalf, Pisces intuition will not be evident in this area as Pisces never seems to know this is happening. Pisces has absolutely no desire to change the fiery Aries, sometimes doting on his/her whirlwind ways; which could make Aries so happy that he/she could choose to revolve his/her life around the Piscean lover.

    The Piscean lover is sensitive and sexually adaptable but totally unable to accept criticism on this matter.   His tendency, if male, is to go drinking with the boys and this will interfere with their sex life, leaving her feeling badly used and frustrated.  Generally, for these two, bedtime is fun time and Pisces does not mind letting Aries lead in these relations.   You could safely say that this is a match made in Heaven!


    This could make a good business partnership as the piscean, being the emotional water sign in the design group, could get along well with the fire sign in the inspirational (idea) group.   Pisces will generally not mind if the Arian wants to be the boss.   But...and this is a biggie...Water will dampen down the fire of Aries and the Arian ideas could come to nothing, (as well as the business).   Definitely have a synastry chart done on these two before starting a business together.

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