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As of: July 15,2000
Updated: 01/26/2008

  1. It is my policy that any information you give me will be held in strictest confidence, NONE of your personal information, email address, mailing address, or credit card information will be sold or given to anyone, no exceptions! I do not collect and sell email addresses for junk mail senders!

  2. IP addresses are logged and used only for site administration and in relation to improving the site for all visitors.

  3. Some advertisers may set a cookie or a web beacon in your browser which is harmless to your machine but allows them to collect your surfing data to know which ads to place in what areas of the country in order to enhance your surfing experience. They do not harm your computer or interfere with you in any way.

  4. You may prevent this by setting your browser to accept no cookies or set your security to to a higher level, Check with your browser brand on line to see if you have other options.

  5. Any info you send to me is perfectly safe as I keep no email addresses on the server and they are NOT collected to sell to those unsavory characters.
  6. This site is a pop up free environment but I do allow pop unders.

    Thank you for your visit, and I am looking forward to being of further assistance to you in the near future!

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