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Hi there!
  If you are familiar with how to open files you receive by e-mail over the 'net then you are not apt to have a problem in receiving attachments.  If you do, or if you have not ordered large files of information from someone before, then just read on and I will help you through it. ;)

Here are some solutions to the most common problems.

  If, after reading the "HELP AREA" information below you are still unsure about receiving your attachments through e-mail (it is really very easy!) then just tell me what the problem is

  I have heard that AOL and some other ISPs may be having trouble receiving attachments and it has been recommended to me that those who have the ISP type of problems would be well advised to contact one of the free email services such as "hotmail" who, I understand, does not charge for this service or try to sell you anything else.

You do not need any technical knowledge in order to receive and open attachments, only a few mouse clicks in the right places will do it; Over 90 percent of the time the order is received and read with no problem.  Most E-Mail software will handle your order just fine without any changes at all being made to it.  Of course, sometimes problems arise, but as you will see they will be simple to take care of.



What is the most trouble free way of getting attachments?


  I will start with those who may have had to set up a free email account with, for example,Hotmail, (no, I don't own any stock in the company). ;)  Dealing with them will surely simplify matters!
  1. Setup your e-mail account at the place of your choice.  With hotmail and some others you will not need any extra software as it is entirely web based.
  2. Get your e-mail address (you@hotmail.com).
  3. .Use your new e-mail address to place an order on any website you choose.
  4. Check your hotmail e-mail regularly until your order arrives then, if you wish to, you can keep or close your address with them.

  Your attachments, when received through Hotmail, will come across as a downloadable hot link which you can download to your computer by clicking on it; .gif and .jpg images are automatically deciphered by them for you and then displayed in your browser window.  Then you can save it to any folder you wish on your computer.


Where are my attachments?


  Your order will be attached to an e-mail message, usually as an icon at the top or bottom of letter."

  Most e-mail utilities (what you send and receive e-mail with)Put the attachments in their own special directories.  There are more than two ways of finding out where this is located:  first, open windows explorer or my computer, click on your root directory then find and click on your e-mail utility folder name (I use Eudora Pro) and you should find a folder named attachments..   If that does not work, open up your setup options for your mailer, it should tell you where to find it.

  Another way is to look at the e-mail message itself.   Somewhere on it, it should say "attachment converted: filename.rtf (or .gif, or .txt)", It may even tell you what directory it was put in.

  All files will end in either .GIF .RTF or .TXT although there are some mailers that will rename your file to .mme or something similar.  Just rename this to the correct extension.  (or see first topic above, "getting a free mail account").

  You could put your computer to work to find them for you by using File Find on all windows operating systems.   If you use an ISP such as AOL, Compuserve, or other that gives you their own software you may have to ask them where the e-mail attachments are deposited.


Why is my attachmet cropped off...what happened?

  In some e-mail utilities you have an option to set your mailer to convert TXT attachments to e-mail messages and this could have been turned on, either by you, or by your computer guru, if you are lucky enough to have one.  Attachments are usually way too large to fit into a regular e-mail message so that is the reason they are sent as attachments and that is why your order is cropped off in the middle.

  Find the control for this option in your e-mailer options category and turn it off in order to receive your file.  If this happened to you, turn OFF the option to set up your e-mailer to convert TXT attachments to messages.
  (NOTE: While in the options area of your e-mailer, look for where your e-mailer puts message attachments.  This way, you will know right where to look.

RTF and TXT files...How can I read them?

  Assuming that you are using windows you can use the word processor if you are familiar with it.  If you are not, then the simplest way would be to use the program called "Wordpad".  Important note:do not use notepad as the file is much too large for it to handle.

To use wordpad

  1. Click on start on the lower left of your desktop screen
  2. move your mouse up to programs
  3. slide right onto accessories and then scroll down to wordpad and click on it.
  4. Go to upper right corner of wordpad and click on file
  5. when the list drops down click on file open
  6. the next box you see, under "types of files" Click on "All Documents"
  7. now search the names to find the file you received and click on it.
  8. Read and enjoy!!!!


viewing the pictures...".gif"


  (P.S. I don't know a thing about the mac systems or the many different browsers out there so if someone would like to contribute the necessary info I will be more than happy to put it on this page.):~)

I hope I cleared up some confusion.
Thank you in advance for your confidence

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