"Natal" And "Compatibility" Reports?

How to apply Astrology knowledge in your life

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    The legendary astrologer Grant Lewi once said... "Astrology maintains a unique and lonely position in human thought:  It is 'believed in' by many people who know practically nothing about it;  and it is 'disbelieved in' by even more who know absolutely nothing about it.  Of no other art or science can this be said."

What are Astrological reports and what do they tell me???


Astrology does not tell you
is when you will meet a tall dark stranger, or
win the lottery!  You would need a psychic for that kind of information,
a good one though, as not many of them have won the lottery themselves. :~]
Astrology does not tell you if you will have a good life, or a hard life,
or even any life at all but the stars point you in the right direction and show what you are capable of by applying your inner resources.


  Now that I have throughly disillusioned most of you I will tell you what the study of Astrology and its applications help you accomplish in your life!

Here is what it can do for you!


   Aspects indicate how far one planet is from another measured in degrees of a circle, and they tell us whether your life-lessons, as symbolically represented by the angle of these two planets, will be easy or difficult to learn. The pattern of aspects in your horoscope indicates the way you are predisposed to react to the events of life, either in a positive or negative manner.  Even without knowing your time of birth there is still a great deal of information available to you.  The distinct nature and personality of the seven primary planetary aspects is somewhat like the relationship between two people.

  • Conjunction (planets within about 10-degrees of each other): a meeting.
  • Semi-sextile (planets about 30-degrees apart): a liking.
  • Sextile (60-degrees): beginning our friendship.
  • Square (90-degrees): the test of friendship.
  • Triune (120-degrees): friendship triumphant.
  • Quincunx or Inconjunct (150-degrees): friendship's sorrow shared.
  • Opposition (180-degrees): friendship into marriage -- or a separation.
  Every horoscope has its own individual mixture of the above aspects and will indicate the attitudes and conditioning you are working with in this lifetime.

  The sign each of us are born under, I believe was assigned to us for a reason.   That reason would appear to be an opportunity for soul growth that so many people throughout the ages have overlooked.  It shows us the way to enrich our lives and even to build a better life for ourselves, it helps to point up the type of personalities with whom we are the most compatible, which enables us to choose friends that will be more fun and companionable; and also a true love that we are most likely to spend a long, happy life in the bonds of matrimony with.

  The birthchart by its symbols of unfoldment, transits and progressions, illustrates the rhythms and stages of the therapeutic process as well. It synchronistically indicates when certain issues are most likely to come to the foreground. For example, transits to Mars by Pluto symbolize issues of assertion, anger, and sexuality coming up for review and transformation.

  The accomplishing of all these things are not easy, as life itself is not easy.   We can learn from the Celestial Heavens but we must do something with that learning in order for it to make a difference in our selves, and through this, our interaction with those around us.

There are good and bad traits shown in everyones chart, that is also expressed by some as positive and negative which is closer to the description of these traits since bad is generally thought of as evil, so here I will use the correct term and say 'negative'.

Positive and Negative Traits?

  Our positive traits gives us something to build on so we can expand our horizons and live a richer and fuller life.   When we read our reports and pinpoint them we know how to use them to help overcome the negative aspects of our personality.  The Negative aspects are those that really do not help us in any way and although some are so ingrained they are almost impossible to remove, the answer here is to rechannel them and turn them positive.

   For example: Suppose you are, say, an Aries and you have this take charge spirit and attitude with a quick temper, all definite negative traits in most situations.  On the other hand, you also feel very strongly about helping others (Aquarius rising).  Using these two together you will be a champion of the downtrodden who will help someone NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, the soap box is always handy and you would be ready to climb up and air your opinions against suppression to all who will listen and help.   Knowing that you may be weak in some areas such as will power, will also give you a chance to consciously work on this as well as others that may crop up in your chart.

  That was only a small example but I think you get the picture.   By changing some of the negative things in yourself you will be able to form more lasting friendships, find a compatible mate, and be generally accepted and loved among your peers.

About Children

  Through the chart you will know that your child may have a tendency to do certain things that you would not want to become an ingrained part of his/her personality, some of the traits may be the type that will not show up for many years to come, giving you the opportunity to change or temper them BEFORE they have a chance to get set in! Knowing all this, you as the parent can better lead and teach this child how to overcome their negative traits and build on their positive ones without being obvious about it; such as teaching patience in the face of impatience.


  No one goes around asking each other what sign they are anymore, but maybe they should! These charts are cast and read for you with a great deal of accuracy but in some cases where you are not as compatible as you would really wish to be (in the chart), but you still get along fine (in your relationship), the chances are that you or your mate are what is termed the higher type of the sign that each of you are under.   "Higher" type simply means that you have detected certain negative problems in your personality and worked on them long enough for you to become more tolerant, or you and your mate had very wise parents that did it for both of you.

I hope this has helped you and I want to thank you for spending your time 'listening' to my views on the subject.

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