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I humbly present the awards I have won and thank all those who thought this site worthy of receiving theirs.

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Thank you, Mike!
elite award
August 5, 1999

Congratulations! You have won my "Elite Award"! You have a tremendous site.

(excellent site to surf!!) cyspacepro
Rec: Dec.7,1998
I found your web site to be very well designed and easy to navigate...
Thank you surfer for submitting this site for an award! A+ Web Design Approved
"Your site is well designed and is an interesting addition to the world wide web."
The mathematical golden ratio was used by the ancient Greeks to build symmetrical and proportional structures of architecture that were not only pleasing to the eye but still remain today as monuments of creative genius.
M-Comp proudly gives this award
to those sites that are a golden ratio in their creative structure and service to the metaphysical / occult community.

(For those who care!!)
We Care Award!
Rec: Nov.19,1998
"Your site is a wonderful addition to the web. I was very impressed."
a buck a scan award!
Rec: Nov. 17, 1998
"Your site meets all of the criteria required for our award. We enjoyed our visit, Keep up the good work!!"

Phenomenal Women of the web
Feburary 2001
Lady Ann was
honorably named a Phonemonal Women
of the Web!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay.

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