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libra/sagittarius compatibility match

Definition of Marriage
Libra/Sagittarius compatibilities

Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


   Inhibition not being a part of either personality in this match they are apt to meet in the morning and be in bed together by nightfall as the physical attraction will be very strong for both.  The happy, pleasure seeking Libra will be greatly drawn to such a happy go lucky character as Sagittarius.  They are also likely to become good friends as Libra has a way of offering encouragement of his/her wild schemes and ideas, no matter how impractical they may actually be.

   Although Sagittarius likes to claim he/she is not the jealous type with Libra as a mate that statement soon proves to be false; Libra will cause many instances of jealous attacks to Sagittarius as Libra is the outgoing, friendly type that is always surrounded by admirers and well wishers at any function he or she attends.

   Finances could be a sore point in this union as neither of these signs are good money managers or planners for the future, near or the one at hand.  Constant financial pressure could be the trigger that will ruin their relationship unless one of them forces themselves to become more conscientious about their income and expenses, forcing the other to see reason, and cutting back on extravagances.

  The strong attraction that lured them in the beginning is not likely to last as they each prefer a life in constant motion of interacting with others.  Sagittarius loves to flatter, and court Libra and makes a good listener which will enable him/her to detect Libras need for stimulation.  While it lasts the sexual relations will be satisfying to both but this is more a romance left as an affair and not a lifetime commitment.  Not a match made in Heaven.


   As a business partnership these two would not work out well even though it is possible for them to become lifelong friends.  Neither has a head for finances and each leans to extravagance.  They work do well as co-workers in an office environment but not in a business partnership.
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love and marriage

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libra/sagittarius compatibility match

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