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Definition of Marriage

love and marriage
Love isn't love unless it is expressed;
caring isn't caring unless the other person knows;
sharing isn't sharing unless the other person is included;
Loving, caring, and sharing can make for a very happy marriage.


The Arian may have a lot of trouble trying to break through the protective shell of the Cancerian, the crab likes to hide his or her feelings inside and project to the world a very different image of being thicker skinned than they really are.

Eventually the Arian will break through and then he or she will find a very sensitive person with feelings that are easily damaged.

Cancer is initially attracted to Aries by the strong Arian personality but before long Cancer will find out just how different their value system is from one another.

The fiery love of the Arian can cause Cancer to wonder just how long real love can last with such intensity and begins to doubt how long the Arians heartfelt declaration of love will endure.

Being Moody and easily hurt to the point where he or she may pout for days does not sit well with the direct and energetic Aries who thrives on activity and new beginnings.

The quiet outer facade' of Cancer was possibly the attraction for Aries as being a go getter can wear on the nerves and they like to have a quiet place to recover in peace.   Cancer is a homebody and wants a big family.

The arian may not be ready for that for a few years to come, in which case, Cancer will soon lose interest in sex as secretly Cancer feels that sex is for procreation.   This attitude will quickly drive Aries into the divorce court or someone elses' arms.

The energetic, sociable, and forward looking Aries will not get along well with the home loving, protective, nurturing Cancer who likes to be the leader and will spend more time sulking than talking unless he or she is allowed to make most of the decisions in the home.

With all the differences in personalities clashing constantly this could be a shaky union at best, but with the higher type of Aries and the positive type of Cancerian it can be made to work.


    A partnership between these two will seldom workout as the Arian will soon grow tired of the constant complaints and negative attitude of the Cancerian who will spend a lot of time angry and sulking if he or she is not allowed to play the role of fearless leader.

The water signs do well in designing but are too emotional to make partnerships a workable objective unless the time and date of the birth acts to change some of the emotional attitudes of Cancer and the person himself (or herself) changes to a more positive type of personality.

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Aries love match with Cancer

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