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Aries Quickie zodiac page

The Ram March 21 to April 20

Zodiac Sign:   The Mountain Goat (A survivor)

Ruling Planet:  Mars
Color: Red

Marjoram and Garlic
Diamond and Amethyst
Health Concerns:
Stress and Headaches
Positive Traits:
Adventurious  Direct,
Freedom Loving
Negative Traits:
Selfish,  Impulsive,  Stubborn
"I exist"

     Being the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries represents a beginning of all kinds. Aries people like to be first, and are often in a hurry. For all of that, their leadership qualities are well defined.

They have a natural tendency to be assertive and single-minded. In a negative situation, this can lead to stubborn aggression.

When channelled positively, the Aries personality exhibits leadership and creative accomplishments. Endurance and loads of self confidence make it possible for an Aries to do things that might seem impossible to others.

Very trustworthy, and even being a "me first" person they manage to put most everyones needs ahead of their own, especially friends and loved ones.

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Aries Quickie page

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